Custom Development

Do you have a product idea and want to turn it into a finished medical device?

You’ve come to the right place. We will help you with realization of your project and point out realistic solutions. With our many years of experience in manufacturing medical devices, we are a strong partner to have on your side right from this initial phase. Our competencies are in specification, electronics, mechanics, software, sensors, design, construction, prototyping, testing, approval and ongoing advice as well as quality assurance.


Custom Production

Do you want extensive know-how for production sourcing?

We manufacture our own product lines, as well as products we don't develop ourselves, on the basis of the latest technologies in our production facilities. From small series to large numbers - we produce complete units or modules. Take advantage of our extensive know-how!


Product Service

Do you need a calibration or periodic safety and accuracy check for one of your em-tec products?

Please contact our service department for immediate attention to receive an RMA number for the return of your equipment. You can be sure that your order will be processed professionally and as quickly as possible.


Selected Projects

Here is an excerpt of our successfully completed projects:

  • NephroFlow (ultrashall based measuring system for online measurement of recirculation and shuntflow parameters during dialysis)
  • Complete Electronic Controls for a Left Ventricular Assist Device (Pump Controller Module, Battery Module
    with a capacity of up to 5 operating hours, Programmer Module, Power Supply, Charger Module)
  • Heart Lung Machine HL20 (Complex Construction of Prototypes)
  • Centrifugal Blood Pump (A drive unit with integrated ultrasonic blood flow measuring system for an extremely low hemolysis centrifugal blood pump)
  • Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detector (A device for the detection of gaseous emboly in heart lungmachine circulation)
  • Capacitive Level Sensor (A device for the supervision of the blood level in cardiotomy reservois)
  • Low Fluid Sensor (Device plus sensor for monitoring the liquid level in flexible and hard shell infusion containers)
  • Ultrasonic Flow-Measurement (First integration of an ultrasonic flow- measurement in a titanium heart assist device)

Are you looking for a strong partner with know-how to implement your idea? Please contact us.



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