SonoTT™ Vascular Probe

SonoTT™ Vascular Probe

Autoclaveable Vascular Transducers for a wide range of vessel sizes.

Changes effective 1st April 2016 impacting SonoTT™ products for flow measurement on human vessels – em-tec has entered into a close cooperation with Medistim in the field of flow measurements on human vessels.

This has the following implications:

  • It is ensured that Vascular Probes will continue to be available for the installed base.
  • From April 1st, 2016 all sales related questions with respect to flow measurement on human vessels have to be directed to Medistim or its distributors.



  • Available with and without handle
  • Can be cleaned in automatic washing machines and re-sterilized 50 times with ETO, FO, Plasma and Steam
  • Available in different sizes covering various vessel diameters
  • Excellent accuracy and stability

Please note: Not all products shown on this website are available and approved in every country. Please contact your local distributor.

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